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Pillow Talks

Apr 21, 2022

Can’t remember the last time you had sex?

Or maybe you remember the exact day and it’s been... too long.

It’s time to talk about one of the most-dreaded issues that comes up in relationships... DRY SPELLS!

You might find yourself wondering if there’s an end in sight. Has your relationship cooled off for good? When you do have sex again, is it going to be awkward or bad, leading to yet another dry spell? Or maybe you’re scaring yourself because you don’t even miss having sex at all!

Dry spells can send you to some really dark places, but we’re here to tell you: there is hope!

In this episode, we’re giving you five tips for combatting dry spells, no matter your circumstance.

We’re also talking about preventing this issue, so even if you’re not in a dry spell right now, you don’t want to miss this episode!

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